Read how Mrs Ng and Mdm Soh Bee Lay managed their diabetes and heart disease with the support from their loved ones, The Heart Wellness Centre, and with positive mindset.

Mrs Ng's Testimonial

I am 65 years old and I am grateful that through my friend, Miss R Lim, I got to know about Singapore Heart Foundation’s Heart Wellness Programme. I finally signed up for the programme on March 1, 2017. It has been a year and a half and I am still going to the Heart Wellness Centre!

I have always been generally healthy and active but, two years ago, I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and put on 1 dose of metformin 500mg per day.  Last year, this dosage was increased to 2 doses of metformin 500mg (I now take one in the morning and one at night).  I also had a mild stroke more than 10 years ago and I am on medication for hypertension as well as cholesterol on top of diabetes.

As I am still working part-time, I can only join the Heart Wellness Centre’s Saturday 10:30am session at Fortune Centre.  The 1.5-hour work-out session guided by a Senior Physiotherapist includes cardio exercise and strength training and it has been helpful to me. I now feel more energetic and less tired. Occasionally, I may go for an extra session on a Thursday evening. On top of exercising at the Heart Wellness Centre, I have also been attending a 45-minute stretching workout at the HDB playground nearby every weekday morning at 6am.

Through the Heart Wellness Centre’s regularly organised nutrition talks and workshops, I have learnt to eat healthily and in moderation. I have cut down on oily and high sugar content food.  I am also eating more vegetables and fruits and trying to reduce snacking on chips, especially keropok! Instead, I have learnt to eat more healthy snacks such as different types of nuts. I hope to continue my effort in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The Heart Wellness Centre recently conducted an annual review on me to measure the progress that I have made and this is a great encouragement to me because my 2018 health check also showed improvement in my heart health. My bad cholesterol level has dropped from 117 to 96mg/dL. My HbA1C reading has also dropped from 6.9% to 6.4% which indicates that my blood sugar control has been maintained at an ideal level in the last 3 months.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

The Centre’s staff are very helpful and I love participating in the various activities organised by the Centre, some of which include Chinese New Year lanterns made from hong baos, cooking classes and short trip to neighbouring countries, etc.

I will persevere and make every effort to continue to keep fit through exercises and healthy eating.  

Keep up the good work, Singapore Heart Foundation!

God bless!

Mdm Soh Bee Lay's Testimonial

It is a blessing in disguise!

When our family doctor broke the news to me in 2017 that my glucose reading was high after a routine check-up, my two wonderful daughters and my amazing husband sprang into action! Their encouragement helped me change my unhealthy lifestyle.   

“Go join ee ma (‘Aunt’ in Cantonese) at Singapore Heart Foundation for their Heart Wellness Programme.  Remember how she had made enquiries for you even before this? It will be good for you,” both my daughters chorused. 

So now, three mornings a week have been scheduled for the SHF (Singapore Heart Foundation) Heart Wellness Programme with a Saturday session of Yoga at a nearby Community Centre. 

“Let us help Mummy eat more healthily too,” suggested my husband. Salads, fish, lean meats and plenty of fruits and vegetables. These now make up my daily diet!

I am thankful for my strong family support and love – they have helped me tremendously in managing my condition. I have even lost 2kg of and some abdominal fats since I joined the SHF programme.

Mrs Ng and Mdm Soh Bee Lay are clients of the Heart Wellness Centre at Fortune Centre, Singapore Heart Foundation.

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